Child Care Nutrition and Guidance Policy in Boulder, CO


Tasty and nutritious snacks, a hot lunch, and in some of our schools, breakfast, is provided each day. We know that having a hot, nutritious "dinner-style" lunch is important both to the children and their families.

After a long day, parents can serve a light evening meal with the confidence that nutritional needs have been well met for the day.

Snacks, whether warm fresh baked muffins, or home made granola, are provided with the frequency and adaptations appropriate for the ages of the children. Students Eating Healthy Foods

We always meet, and usually exceed, established Child Nutrition Guidelines to assure that your child's nutritional needs are met.

Lunch for preschool and older children is served “home-style”. A teacher sits at each lunch table, modeling appropriate table manners and behavior and providing guidance in learning to self serve, to pass serving dishes with appropriate manners and health considerations, and to participate in polite and appropriate conversation.

We recognize that most inappropriate behavior can be avoided by providing an interesting, fun and challenging program in a well-designed and structured environment.

Additionally, continual reward and praise for appropriate behaviors and choices is an important and effective way of encouraging positive behavior.

When challenging behaviors do arise, teachers use redirection. Their next step if needed, is short term removal from activities to “reflect”. One minute per year of age is appropriate for a child to be ready for discussion and resolution. Teacher with Students

We encourage the child to understand how their behavior impacts others. For conflicts between children, we encourage preventative communications by teaching children such statements as “I don't like that” and “That is not OK”. When words don't work, children are encouraged to get help from teachers.

Summer Camp, for ages 5 to 12 years, is all about friends and fun. The children are divided by age into small groups. These camp groups and their camp counselors stay together for the whole summer allowing strong relationships to form. Children this age love outings, so outings are scheduled daily! Weekly full day trips include such activities as amusement parks, water parks, horseback riding, IMAX, and museums. On the other four camp days each week the children enjoy half day trips for such activities as bumper bowling, swimming and waterslides, laser tag and roller skating. While at the Cottage, the children balance their half day trips with planned crafts, cooking, science projects and the Club Room options such as carpentry, learning toys and computer games, board games, art, and sports.


Our Before and After School Club provides a variety of options in a relaxed, Club style environment. These range from quiet personal activities and wind-down choices, to active inside and outside social sports and activity options. Teacher assisted homework time is also available after snacks. Games, learning toys and computer games, art, science, and make-believe areas are always open for play and exploration. Additionally, for those children interested in more structured (teacher initiated) activities, a variety of art, dramatics, science, and sports activities are offered by staff.